Calling All Princesses… to a Princess Party, and a Book Giveaway!

Now, it might be totally my imagination… but don’t you think Princess Charlotte is just a tad like my own little princess?

Princess Charlotte is on the left, my little Princess Colette, and my first granddaughter, is on the right. Princess Charlotte, who recently turned two, just stole the show at her Aunt Pippa’s wedding in England, as these adorable photos prove.

But while most of the world is obsessed with the royals, including this gorgeous little girl, I’m pretty much obsessed with my little princess, who wears her fine hair swept to the side, just as Princess Charlotte does, and who has that same little button nose and sweet mouth. (Just look and see!)

Personally, I waited a long, long time for a princess. Four sons and three grandsons later, Colette arrived in the world. With her big personality and her mischievous grin, she was well worth the wait. She’s not really a girly-girl. She’s robust, and feisty, and she’s more like a tom-boy, which actually makes her all the more adorable.

And now for exciting news… If you have a princess in your life, and you live in the Grand Rapids area, don’t miss the Princess Party at Baker Book House on Tuesday June 13th at 10.30 am. The place will be full of tiaras and tutus and pinks and purples.

And I’ll be there, with my pink-and-purple new book, ready to read the story of Queen Esther, from Love Letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart, because after all, what other story could I possibly read at a PRINCESS PARTY!


PS… Has anyone got a tiara I can borrow?

Don’t have this awesome book for your princess yet? Hop on board the blog tour and enter the next giveaway!

4 thoughts on “Calling All Princesses… to a Princess Party, and a Book Giveaway!

  1. Robin

    Colette will soon be joined by Adelynn Marie. Then we can share pictures of our precious gifts from God. Hope to see you on the thirteenth.


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