Eek, Eek, Take a Peek… Inside Snuggle Time Christmas!

It was a hop-up-and-down day when my first copy of this gorgeous, glittery little book arrived on the doorstep. And even though the trees behind are still clinging on to their leaves, and even though that blue lake in the distance isn’t frozen yet, I have to tell you the shocking news that it’s actually only 109 days until Christmas!

So, for all you early shoppers, here’s a peek inside the perfect little gift that tells the story of Jesus’ birth in thirteen poems. 

Beautifully illustrated by Cee Biscoe, Snuggle Time Christmas Stories is the third in the Snuggle Time series. It’s a gorgeous padded board book for little ones, with foil and glitter and two cute camels, and it begins like this..

I just love the diversity reflected in the sweet illustrations…

And here’s my favorite poem from the book…

Check out what the pigeon’s doing!

This little book hits the shelves on October 3rd, along with ‘Twas the Evening of Christmas but it’s available for preorder now.

And one more thing… don’t forget to enter the five-book giveaway on Goodreads!

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