Eve: The First Girl – Part 1 in a Fourteen-Week Bible Study for Women.

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re joining us for this fourteen-week Bible study based on Girls’ Love Letters from God. If you have time, you may wish to keep a journal to record your responses to the questions. Please DO leave comments, responses or questions on this post so that we can learn from and encourage one another.

Eve: The First Girl

Read: Genesis 2:15 – 3:13

God clapped his hands in delight as Eve opened her eyes for the very first time. She was wonderful! After six days of creating the world- painting the skies, stirring the seas, and filling the earth with life- here was God’s masterpiece, his glorious finishing touch to the world. Here was Eve, made by God’s own hand. And she was good.

These are the opening words in Love letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart. I chose them for a reason. These words set the stage for one of the most important truths that we, as women, could ever know.

You are good. 

Hear those words again.

You are good. 

God made you. And everything God made is good.

So how are you feeling today? If you’re anything like me, you don’t truly believe those words. Because we Christians are supposed to be humble, and on top of that, life has a way of wrestling us to the ground, and whispering lies, like:

I’m not a good enough Christian.

I shouldn’t have said that.

Why am I thinking those things?

I just failed as a parent.

I need to do better.

I’m not a good enough wife.


Right now.

Look up.

God sees you. God knows you. God made you, just like God made Eve.

You, you are good.

I feel sorry for Eve. There she was, in the most perfect paradise ever. You might say she had it all. And then she makes one mistake, and somehow, everything falls apart. She can never go back to the way things were. The gates to Eden are barred.

Can’t you just hear her repeating the same words we do when we wish we could turn back time?

If only….

But all was not lost. Even though Eve had to leave that paradise behind, God would never, ever leave her. There, at the gates, we find God waiting for her, waiting to do what God is so very good at:

The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. Genesis 3:21

God steps in to clothe Eve in so much more than animal skins. God wraps her up in warmth and protection and love and hope and forgiveness. God bends down to cover all her nakedness, all her shame and all her vulnerability in amazing, everlasting grace.

What God does for Eve, Jesus does for us. And it’s all because we’re good. I know you find it hard to believe, but it’s true.

Eve would need to cling hard to all that love and grace when she left Eden. She would have to hug it tight around her shoulders in the dark days ahead when one of her sons murdered the other. As a mother of four sons, I cannot imagine how that must have felt, but I’m sure Eve blamed herself, since we women are so good at doing that.

But once again, we see God coming to her side, removing her shame, restoring her hope, cheering her on into the future…

She had a son whom she named Seth. She said, “God has given me another child in place of Abel whom Cain killed.” And then Seth had a son whom he named Enosh. That’s when men and women began praying and worshiping in the name of God. Genesis 4:26

Did you get that? That’s when men and women began praying and worshiping in the name of God. Through Eve, the woman who is usually remembered for her mistake, humanity’s broken relationship with God would be restored.

She would never see it happen, but hundreds of years after Eve left this earth, Noah, the only righteous man of his generation, would be descended from her.

Eve’s life was filled with heartache, as ours can be. But thank God for grace.

Thank God that even when we make mistakes, even when our family falls apart, even when our dreams seem shattered, our God, your God is Restorer, Encourager, Renewer, Hope-Giver.

Friends, I don’t know what you’re going through. I don’t know what heartache may lie ahead. I don’t know what sorrows you’ve endured already.

But God knows. And God is bending down, right now, to cover you.

Hold on to this.. that through it all, when you feel at your lowest, when you feel like a failure, God sees you.

God is working through you to accomplish things you may never know about.

God made you.

And most of all,

you. You are good.


God of grace, and love, and forgiveness, thank you for making me good. Thank you that you know me. You see me. You cheer me on. Help me to hold on to you when life is hard. And when I don’t feel good enough, help me hear you whisper, ‘I made you. You ARE good.’ Amen

Your Turn:

Please share your response to one of these questions in the comments. 

Questions for Reflection

  • What, about Eve’s story, encourages you most?
  • How does it make you feel to know that God made you good?
  • In what situations has God restored something to you after a loss?
  • What is God revealing to you through Eve’s story?

Going Deeper

  • If you wish to spend more time on Eve’s story, slowly read Genesis 2-4Put yourself in Eve’s position at each stage of her life and try to imagine her feelings. With which stage do you identify the most?

40 thoughts on “Eve: The First Girl – Part 1 in a Fourteen-Week Bible Study for Women.

  1. Debbie

    This is a wonderful study Glenys…I had never even considered Eve’s later story, regarding her children, grandchildren and other descendants…As a mother who has failed and endured pain, I can really relate to all this…I also LOVE the concept of all the other things Eve was metaphorically clothed in by God…I hope I will always remember these fresh insights, and be able to refer back to them in the future. 🙂

    1. Glenys Post author

      Oh Debbie, bless you for being my first responder 🙂 and how fun that you’re way over the wide ocean, in England! That is the beauty of an online Bible study.. that we can participate no matter where we are in God’s big world. I am so glad you could relate to the post, as I can too. We have all felt like failures at times, but God is our awesome Corrector and Redeemer!

  2. Patricia Cline

    Thank you for a beautiful meditation on God’s grace. No matter where we are in life, he is always there to give us the grace to sustain us and to carryon in His name. We often forget how God blessed Eve thru her children.

  3. Anita

    Your beautiful words helped remind me that God loves me no matter what I do or say. I often tell myself, “That was dumb” when I make a mistake. Now when I hear myself say those words, I ask God to hold me in his arms and I give thanks that when I make mistakes, He forgives me and loves me just the way I am. I am struggling with many things right now, so this Bible study will help me through it all. Blessings and hugs.

  4. Gloria Aspergren

    I am so excited about this study . I truly love your books and I love the way this study is starting. Bless you for all you do. I am going to share this with my FB friends and hope they take the time to do this helpful study. I thank God for sending me to SUMC to hear David, so many blessings have flowed through you both. Thank you

    1. Glenys Post author

      Oh, Gloria, bless you for sharing this with your friends. I am so excited to see what God will do through these studies. We are all so busy, so I love the idea of being able to do this from the comfort of your own home, and spend as little or as much time on it as you like. Thank you so much!

  5. Mary Jane

    just got home and happy to get your post, Glenys. My first thoughts were “what does good mean.” What God considers good, I might not think is so good or maybe even the other way around. I am going to think about that and the wonderful thought of those coming after me; the impact of the world by them that, perhaps, I was unable to make. I pray for that!! I had never thought of Eve being a “girl” before; was she or was she created as a woman? And does it matter?
    I appreciated reading the other comments that had already come to you!!

    1. Glenys Post author

      Hi Mary Jane! What a great question for us to ponder…what is good? And is God’s good the same as our good? I’m pondering it. I think Eve must have been a woman…I titled all my stories as ‘girls’ since the book is aimed at girls. ( Plus,,it sounded good.)

  6. Peggy Manrose

    What a great start Glenys. I felt a bit overwhelmed the other day when getting ready for our family Christmas, and I got so down on myself for not being able to do everything I wanted to and making it “perfect”. But just like God loving us just because we are His, my family loves me and as a family we love each other because we ARE family. I am grateful to God and will continue to remember He made me good! Thanks be to God!

  7. Peggy Manrose

    Another thought I just had…The serpent told Eve she would be “perfect” after eating of the fruit…and sometimes I want things to be perfect, but God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but to trust Him in leading us in every area of our lives.

  8. Irene Strom

    Glenys thank you for starting this bible study! I cannot wait to see your new book! I went back and read the scripture passage and thought about Eve and her quest for wisdom…”The woman saw that the tree was beautiful with delicious food and that the tree would provide wisdom”…was Eve searching for answers on how to be a better wife, mother, tiller of the land, caretaker of animals, was she too striving for perfection?

    I put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect in all area of my life. As a wife, mother, daughter, friend, hostess, and employee. And I frequently criticize myself when my careful plans gets disrupted or I make a mistake, or I when didn’t get those Christmas presents wrapped in fancy Pinterest style. It is sometimes hard to remember that God and my family loves me anyway!

    1. Glenys Post author

      Irene, this is why I love Bible study. ..because we see different things. I had never thought about the kind of wisdom Eve was pursuing…so fascinating to think about. And yes, the pursuit of perfectionism ensnares me too!

  9. Tee Bowers

    What a great reminder that God has a plan for each one of us, even when we totally blow it. He is still there with love, grace, and understanding. Eve had to fully trust that God was in charge of her life, no matter what she had done. Due to my NUMEROUS health issues, some days can be a struggle but when the diagnosis of Cancer came, I was devastated! Thankfully that was 28 years ago and I’m still Cancer free!!

    If I choose to give up and succumb to the depression of having bad health, I’m not putting my trust in Him fully. Because of His tender care, I have been blessed to serve in Awana for the last 25 years and have no intention on quitting anytime soon! I tell everyone that attends one of my seminars that my key verse is: “I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (HCSB)

  10. Natalie

    Love all the comments/feedback above!

    What, about Eve’s story, encourages you most? That she didn’t seem to get to down after each experience.
    How does it make you feel to know that God made you good? Well, I think about remaining good, how can I continue to embrace this grace of his.
    In what situations has God restored something to you after a loss? For me, I am restored when I ask for help, or request for good outcomes.
    What is God revealing to you through Eve’s story? Keep up the good fight as life situations are constantly changing. To always adapt and remain humble?

    This sentence took me aback:
    Hold on to this.. that through it all, when you feel at your lowest, when you feel like a failure, God sees you.

    Recently, I have been thinking, have I failed at not using my full potential? Then I ponder from everything I have witnessed and experienced and failed at yet, how can I guide my children to live a good life and one that they enjoy living in?

    That’s what I took from this. (of course, I feel like I’m being selfish for thinking this way)

    1. Glenys Post author

      Natalie, I loved all your answers to the questions. And you’re not being at all selfish….it’s never too late to strive to reach our potential, and as for wanting the best for your children, well, who doesn’t want that? 🙂

  11. Penny Murray

    Thank you, Glenys, for asking me into this circle of seekers. These first books of Genesis have always confused me— the order of creation, the relationships of the first humans: to creation, to God, to each other— and the fall and “fault” of that first sin. I set that aside in this look at Eve and had a new thought. God saw all creation as “good in every way”, but people didn’t worship God for another 235 years (Enosh birth)!?! God gave people family. He surrounded them with tillable earth and livestock. He conversed with, and protected a people that MISSED the image of God created within them. Mothers are our first teachers. I wonder how Eve told her first story?

    1. Glenys Post author

      Wow Penny! What a great thought to ponder, about how Eve might have told her story… the Bible doesn’t tell us whether she ever met her grandson, Enosh, but perhaps she did, and told him her story. If so, then no wonder Enosh was responsible for restoring humanity’s relationship with their creator. Fascinating to think about! I’m so happy you’re part of our study!

  12. Carol Ashcroft

    Well, you didn’t ask this question, but if you had asked “how do you most identify with Eve”, I would have to say hands down that I too have fallen into that trap of listening to Satan’s whispers and lies; I find myself doubting and questioning who I am as a person, as a wife, as a mom. But like with Eve, when I mess up (not IF I mess up, but WHEN), He covers me in His grace and care and love…just like He did with Eve. When those doubts creep in, I have to rememer Who created me and Who I belong to.

    1. Glenys Post author

      Dear Carol, what a great question to pose and answer. I’m so glad you shared your thoughts on it. So often, I think as women, it is so easy for us to fall into that trap of self-doubt but what a wonderful thought for us all to hold on to….to remember who created me & who I belong to. Thank you!

  13. Becky Ludens

    Hello Glenys,
    I miss working beside you in Schoolcraft with your encouraging words and personality. I am forwarding a link to this study to my two girls. Thank you for your continued faithfulness and inspiration.

    1. Glenys Post author

      Hi Becky! How lovely to see your name pop up here! I am so happy to know that you’re sending this to your girls. When you told me that, in my mind I still see them as little, but of course, they are grown ladies now! It’s lovely to hear from you and thank you for your encouragement to me. My prayer is that God will guide my words through this study and bless those who read them.

  14. Lori

    One thing about God that stuck out to me was that in telling Adam & Eve to not eat from the tree of Knowledge, he wanted them to only know good in their life. He knew that evil would cause pain and heartache and he loved them so much that he didn’t want them to have to experience the pain. But I think God also knew that they would chose differently and he would deepen his relationship with them through grace. That is much like how we are as parents are with our children. We can see the pain and heartache ahead at times and do not want them to have to experience that. In doing so, sometimes we say things we shouldn’t and direct them in ways that we shouldn’t which can cause family tensions. But we need to get out of God’s way as He directs them through his love, just as he did Eve. Eve is good not by what she did “wrong” but by facing God and accepting his grace along with the pain of motherhood.

    1. Glenys Post author

      Wow Lori! I love what God revealed to you through the story! I had never thought that God wanted them only to know good in their life..but that makes so much sense, especially when you think of it in terms of our own parenting. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Beka

    Wow! Such beautiful words! God has gifted you with being able to communicate His rich love for us. It brought tears to my eyes.

    The part of Eve’s story that spoke to me the most was that men and women began worshiping God after Seth was born. I had never noticed it before, but it shouldn’t surprise me! I’ve seen it in my own life and many others- after we experience God’s redemption and restoration for ourselves, our worship is deepened and expanded.

    Thanks for this post!

  16. Patty

    Boy oh boy, up until a minute ago I was still questioning this “You are good” thing. Read, reread, reread and reread again the definition of good. Tried to figure out where I fit in that definition. Many of my failings came to mind and made me think, I guess I am the exception. Once said, then came the question, why am I the exception? Why are others good, but not me? What is different about the things I fail at than what other women fail at? Of course the answer is nothing is different. We all fail at times, sometime because we choose to fail by not doing what we know is right, too busy, too tired, too this, too that. We find an excuse and we just don’t do something and then we beat ourselves up over it. And that is just the things we have control over. When I asked the question “What is different about me? and then said we all fail, well the proverbial light bulb went on. Of course we all fail. But we also ALL succeed. We are quick to judge ourselves on the things we fail at, but we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back for our successes. We seem to think successes are no big deal because they should happen, but failure is all mine and shame on me. Yes, WE ARE GOOD. Just because we TRY, sometimes successfully, and that is what God wants.

    1. Glenys Post author

      Oh Patty….don’t you love how God takes us on that thought path until we find the comfort and truth we need! We,as women, are so excellent at seeing our failures…I’m sure Eve did that too, yet God doesn’t want us to live in that land….because God made us good! It should be the default we always go back to. God bless!

  17. Pauline Smith

    Well I’m a bit late starting the bible study but that’s me, always on the last minute or ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ as my husband says about me! Anyway I’m glad I’m late because it’s given me the chance to read all these great comments and ponder the passage more. Two things – my first thought about this story is ‘ Why did God put the tree there in the first place?’. Well that question opens up a whole other study about freewill and temptation but you know, what right do I have to question God? Everything he does is because he loves us. He is Almighty and unfathomable and I just have to trust him. Eve was so ashamed but God saw her shame, he felt her pain and he graciously clothed her materially and spiritually. And doesn’t our God continue to do that with us today. Amen he is wonderful. My second thought relates to your comment ‘I shouldn’t have said that”, something I’ve really been struggling with lately. This study has given me some peace because God has forgiven me and in time, the person will too. Romans 8:28 is what I am holding on to. Just like Eve, who knows what may happen that will bring blessing to others but that I may never know about. Thank you Glenys.

    1. Glenys Post author

      Dear Pauline, keep holding on to Romans 8:28. Something I read the other day said “trust in the slow work of God.” I know it’s hard…but God IS at work in your situation. Hugs to you xxx

  18. Karen S Wheat

    Hey Glenys,
    Starting a little late on this. Been on vacation and just catching up on email.
    WOW! this is so great.
    This inspiration is something we, as women, so desperately need. Looking forward to all of the rest. Thanks

    1. Glenys Post author

      Hi Karen, that’s the beauty of an online Bible study…we can jump in whenever we like! So glad to have you join us and so excited to see what God will show each of us.


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