I Wish You Knew. (A Tribute to My Mum)

Her name was Isabella. She hated it, and preferred to be called Isabel. But she hated that too. She thought it old-fashioned.

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I wish she knew now how popular that sweet name is, and how, when I meet that little girl called Bella, she always makes me think of her. But there’s a lot I wish she knew now.

I wish she knew that I married David, whom she adored.

I wish she knew that he became a pastor…how surprised and thrilled she would have been!

I wish she knew that I had four wonderful sons, that my family has grown to welcome three daughters-in-law, and four adorable grandchildren.

I wish she knew that I went into teaching, and eventually became a children’s book author.

Because it’s really due to her.

Those who know me well would never, ever believe that I was a naughty girl at school. But I was. My poor parents were constantly hauled into the headmaster’s office, as he tried to rein in my unruly behavior.

I remember one of those occasions more than most.

I’m sitting in his office, while he glowers at me from behind his big important desk. His black gown is as dark as his mood. I’m sure I deserve to be there. I probably deserve to be shouted at too, but I can’t remember what I’ve done. Perhaps I got caught smoking again, or perhaps it was the time when I nicked someone’s bike from the bike shed and rode off down the road with my best friend. But we had only sneaked away from boring science class to get some fish and chips… what’s wrong with that?

Whatever it was, I’m upset. And that’s unusual too… because I’m a bit of a rebel, and I have a hard exterior. But the headmaster in the black cloak has no hope at all for my future; in fact, he thinks I’m heading for failure.

And perhaps I was.

But that’s when I hear Mum come to my defense. To be honest, I can’t remember her exact words, but they went something like this:

But did you know, Mr Ellis, that she is SO very good and patient with children? I wish you could see Glenys at home. She takes her little niece, stands her on a chair, and they bake dozens of wonderful fairy cakes together. They line them all up on the kitchen table, and fill them with custard and jam. Glenys is so good with her! I just know she’s meant to work with children.

Mum didn’t know that she had just sowed a seed in my heart, that I would one day become a teacher, and out of that, my love for writing for children would grow.

She didn’t know because she took her last breath the day I sat my final exam at college. She never saw me wear the cap and gown, or pick up the pen to write Love Letters from God.

Mum has been walking those gold-paved streets for thirty-five long years. This month, I will turn fifty-seven, the age she was when that cruel illness stole her from us.

I wish she knew how thankful I am, what a privilege it was to be raised in that wonderful home, a place full of laughter, and busyness, and song.

A place where a hard-working lady called Isabel did her best to raise eight children, and saw the good in them when others couldn’t.

I wish she knew.

22 thoughts on “I Wish You Knew. (A Tribute to My Mum)


    And it was 35 years ago this month 🙁 How proud she would have been of you, Glenys and your ability to evoke memories…and tears.

  2. Helga Mortensen

    Thank you for sharing these memories from your heart. The wonderful example you had in your mum and the pain of all the “wish she knew” moments. Indeed she would be very proud of you and your lovely family, and very glad to know she sowed an important seed in your life.

  3. Dorothy Smith

    Glenys – If it is any comfort I am sure your mum knows everything!
    I know how it to remember these things and miss your mum. I wish
    my mom knew my children and grand children (even my precious great grands
    but she would be way over 100 years now so I take comfort in after life memory).

    1. Glenys Post author

      Thank you for your words Dorothy..I do think she knows it all! But I so wish I could tell her..just like you wish you could tell your mum too!

  4. Sue Wisniewski

    Beautiful Glenys,
    Made me think of my mom who didn’t like here name either. 🙂
    I too wish my mom was a part of all the many wonderful things that have happened in my life and the lives of my children these last 24 years. Looking back, life has so many blessings! It is easy to over look the hard parts, and knowing she had no part in our heartaches is a blessing too.

  5. Andrea Gaskell

    Dear Glenys,
    What a wonderful tribute to your dear mum. I am sure she is looking down on you and all the family .. so proud of what you have achieved. xxx

  6. Rachael Hughes

    Aunty G, this is beautiful. Oh I do love reading these stories of all my aunties and uncles from when you were in school. What a fantastic woman to focus on the positives even when you was naughty. More people should do this!

  7. Martha Orlando

    So beautifully written, Glenys, and so touching. We always carry our mother’s love in our hearts no matter how old we get. Glad she saw and brought out the best in you!


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