It’s a Beautiful World Colette….

Dear Colette,

It will be many years before you can read these words. Little one, you are just one day old, wrapped up tight, a perfectly precious bundle of joy. You are only just beginning to open your eyes, to peek out in wonder at the world that has been waiting so long to greet you.

Colette Bundled

It’s a beautiful world Colette.

It’s a world of color, and love, and hope, and family. Just down the road, there’s a two-year old boy just waiting to share his toys with you. He doesn’t really know much about you yet. He doesn’t really know that his little sister is sleeping peacefully in his mama’s arms. But you will grow up together, and he will love you.

Much too far away, out towards the east, there’s a grandma and a granddad here, who prayed you into this world, and who are yearning to hold you… their first granddaughter.

And even further away, in a country called England, you have a great-granddad too.

Colette…you may never get to meet him. But if you did, I know he would laugh with joy. And with a twinkle in his eye, he would scoop you in his arms, lift you high on to his strong shoulder, nestle you there, and sing you to sleep. And he would be so proud of you.

This is your family Colette. And even though we may be far away, and the distance in miles may be great, as long as we have love, nothing can separate us.

Sleep well with your mama, little one. I will be there soon.

With Love,


Natalie & Colette

14 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful World Colette….

  1. Anne Peterson

    Absolutely loved your heart in this one, and I’m sure she will too when she one day reads it. Thanks for sharing. I could feel your pride in every carefully chosen word. Congratulations. Enjoy!

  2. Andrea Gaskell

    It was so touching to read these beautiful words my friend. Colette will grow to love you as you love her and know more and more about God, His wonderful world and her amazing family. Our Granchildren are so precious. I truly hope you get to hold her soon Xxxx


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