Little Did I Know…

disciples being called“I think I’ll write a children’s Bible,” I announced to my husband one morning. Always my encourager, he smiled and said, “ That would be great.”

“And maybe I can get it published by Zondervan.” I added.

“Well that would be great too,” he replied.

But we both knew that this was the stuff of dreams. Right? I laughed, hopped on my bicycle, and rode to my church office, ready to start another day in children’s ministry. But the dream stayed with me.

That was in 2006. Little did I know that four years later, I would be standing outside the door of the Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference, nervously clutching my carefully constructed proposal, not knowing what to expect when I opened that door.

Little did I know that one year after that, I would be holding a contract in my hand for Love Letters from God, and that the contract would be signed by the publisher…Zondervan. But God knew. He just had to show me the way.

God…the Caller of your name; Giver of the writing gift; Creator of dreams; Planter of seeds; God knows it all. Writers…pick up your pens, open yourselves to the creative power of the Holy Spirit, and use your God-given gifts to write for Him.


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