Little Love Letters from God

Little Love Letters from GodLittle Love Letters Cover is the second book in the Love Letter series.

Written for preschoolers, with a padded cover for little hands, this board book contains eight of the original stories written in rhyme, with eight little lift-the-flap letters from God.


This book is a treasure for any Christian family home library or church library! It is written in a rhythmic, melodic way that just brings peace to your heart, whether you are an adult or child. Kelly L.

Another GREAT offering from Glenys Nellist! What a precious joy to sit with a child and read and experience this message of love. Laura Dutton Guffin

What better gift can we give our children than an everyday reminder of God’s love? Glenys’ book is one to enjoy, and it has also inspired me explore more creative ways to write love letters of my own to my children everyday. Noelle Kirchner

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