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Fabulous News About Love Letters, and Another Giveaway to Enter!

Interrupting this week to bring you some fabulous news…

If you are a fan of the Love Letter Series (which I do hope you are!) you will already know that the unique beauty of these books lies in the lift-the-flap love letters from God, where you can write your child’s very own name. I don’t know ANYONE, be they child or adult, who doesn’t enjoy personally addressed mail.

It’s really not too onerous to write your child’s name in each letter. But what if I told you that this could already be done for you, in a beautiful font that matches the book? What if you could easily upload a photograph of your child to go inside the cover? What if you could include a personal message, printed professionally? Drum roll please… Continue reading

Who Knows?

On a snowy afternoon in a little Michigan town, a blue-eyed three-year old with wavy hair opened an early Valentine’s day gift from his grandma.


She took photos of him as he snuggled with his mom to read his new book.

He lifted the flap to read his love letter from God, and his little face just lit up when he saw his own name written inside. IMG_20160122_174607And who knows how God is at work in young hearts and minds as they open those books, and read their letters, and hear God call their very own name?

Who knew that when God called the name of Moses from within the flames of a burning bush, an entire nation would be rescued?

Who knew that when God called the name of Samuel in the quietness of the temple, that little boy would grow up to anoint kings?

Who knew that when God called the name of Mary in the stillness of a Jerusalem morning, when all hope was gone, hope would be restored to the world?

Who knows when God calls the name of Austin through the letters of a little book, what that young boy will do?

Who knows?

Visit the link below to read 50 ways for your family to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and enter the giveaway to win your own copy of the little book that Austin holds.

Valentines Traditions & Little Love Letters from God!

Blog Stop #3!

This week I’ll be making two blog stops in the virtual world to celebrate the release of Little Love Letters from God

The first is with children’s book author Diane Stortz where I was able to participate in an author interview.

Find out how these four British born boys brought us to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and enter the Little Love Letters Giveaway!

2016-01-18 13.23.19

Blog Stop #2!

How exciting for me to participate in a tour for the release of Little Love Letters from God from the comfort of my own home!

Little Love Letters Cover

This week’s stop in the virtual world is with Jenn, a homeschooling mom of eight! (Did you know that I’m one of eight too?)

Jenn blogs at Treasuring Life’s Blessingswhere she agreed to post a review of the book. Be sure to stop by to read the wonderful review and enter the book giveaway too!

Jenn started writing during one of the darkest times of her life, when she found out that her baby son was going to die. Jenn and her family held little Noah for just nine precious hours. So it’s really not surprising that her favorite story in the book would be this one…..

Inside Noah's Ark

I know that Jenn has already claimed the wonderful words contained in God’s love letter for that story, which say:

Just like I carried Noah, I will carry YOU too.   With All My Love, God.

No matter how long or short our days, God carries each one of us, in those big strong arms that hold us tight, even when we don’t know it.