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Eek, Eek, Take a Peek… Inside Snuggle Time Christmas!

It was a hop-up-and-down day when my first copy of this gorgeous, glittery little book arrived on the doorstep. And even though the trees behind are still clinging on to their leaves, and even though that blue lake in the distance isn’t frozen yet, I have to tell you the shocking news that it’s actually only 109 days until Christmas!

So, for all you early shoppers, here’s a peek inside the perfect little gift that tells the story of Jesus’ birth in thirteen poems.  Continue reading

When a Lovely Surprise Lands on Your Doorstep…

It was sitting there, quietly, waiting for me this morning as I opened the front door. A small brown box, enjoying the sunshine, snuggled up next to the purple petunias, labeled HarperCollins Christian Publishing. 

Ooh…how exciting. The only thing that I would be more excited to find sitting on the doorstep would be my grandchildren. But I wasn’t expecting any books. What could it be?

Can you believe it.. there, hiding under the bubble wrap, lay eight copies of Snuggle Time Prayers and Snuggle Time Psalms… in KOREAN!

Continue reading

Announcing the Winner and What’s Coming Next…

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway of my 2018 new releases: God Made Mommy Special and God Made Daddy Special.

Congratulations Chickie Brewer! I’m thrilled that you won, but I do hope you can be as patient as our Mommy Snail…

You’ll have to wait a while, but your books will be on their way to you as soon as they are published… in February next year!

Now for those of you who didn’t win, get ready to enter the soon-to-be-advertised giveaways for these two new Christmas titles, coming October 3rd 2017: Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Snuggle Time Psalms…and Who Won the Giveaway?

The publication day for Snuggle Time Psalms has finally arrived! It’s like holding a brand new baby! 2016-08-09 10.44.04

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway. And the winners are, (drum roll please)…

Liz, who is going to snuggle with:

My five kiddos. But especially my 5, 4 and 2-year-old.

And Annette, who said:

I would love to snuggle up with my (hopefully) future grandchildren with Snuggle Time Psalms. Until that day I will share God’s love with the children at our church’s daycare and church school through Glenys’s wonderful books like Snuggle Time Psalms.

If you didn’t win, don’t despair! Just enter this giveaway which is open until tomorrow.

May God, the real author of Snuggle Time Psalms, and the One who never leaves us, bless, watch over and hold the hands of all who will turn its pages.

2016-08-09 10.14.22

Snuggle Time Psalms Giveaway!

With just one week to go before Snuggle Time Psalms is released, (did you know it’s at the number one spot on Amazon’s Children’s Inspirational list), we thought we’d celebrate by giving away two copies!

The giveaway will be open for the next seven days.  As long as you live in the USA and you don’t have a PO box, you can enter. All you have to do is fill in your contact details below and tell me who you would snuggle with as you read the book.

And in case you wanted to peek inside first, here’s a sneaky preview. This is my favorite page, because it reminds me of my little grandson…

2016-08-02 14.50.39


The Inspiration Behind Snuggle Time Psalms

I’m only about six or seven years old, but already I know that I love to write. I love to read too.

My brother and I, we sneak into my dad’s study and pull the big heavy book from the shelf. We huddle together and turn the pages. Already we’re giggling.

It doesn’t take long to find what we’re looking for… a photograph of a fat bird with a huge, puffed out red chest protruding from under its chin like a ball. The Apple Bird we used to call it. It seemed to us that this strange bird must have swallowed an apple and the gigantic fruit had somehow made its way outside the bird’s skin. We couldn’t believe that such an exotic creature existed… it was so unlike the tiny red-breasted English robin who hopped around our front garden, waiting for my dad to feed it.

This big book of wonder was only one treasure in a room containing many. The shelves in my dad’s study were bulging with encyclopedias and classics and poetry books and bibles.

And something else….

In a tiny corner, in the smallest of spaces, sat a little desk… containing notebooks and paper and pencils. And a chair. It was my desk. And it was all I needed.

I think it may have been at this desk, surrounded by my father’s books and bibles, that I began to write poems. And even though I inherited my dad’s passion for poetry and his love for God’s Word, I never, ever would have thought that fifty years later, I might be able to combine the two in Snuggle Time Psalms.

Snuggle Time Psalms Cover

And all I can think, when I leaf through its pages, is how much my dad would chuckle to see it, and how much he would love it so.

And maybe one day, there’ll be two little children, who will lift it from the shelf, and giggle over it together, and wonder at our great God, who made Apple Birds and English robins, and brothers and sisters, and all things good.


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