The Birth Announcement

It was an ordinary day. An ordinary envelope. But there was nothing ordinary about the news.

The evidence slid out in black and white- a photograph taken from inside the depths of the womb. And there he lay, curled and fast asleep; his bones still forming; unaware of the world; unaware of all the love that was waiting to welcome him.

That was how we heard the news of our second grandchild.

There is surely nothing more wonderful than to announce the news of a baby.

For Mary, there would be no letters to write; no cards to mail; no excited phone calls to make; no photographic evidence.

Birth Announcement

But instead, there were a thousand angels who flew from heaven and announced the wonderful news in song to shepherds on a starlit hillside.

There were sleepy animals who would wake, astonished, in the middle of the night to witness the birth of a King in a love-filled stable.

There were wise men carrying treasures who would follow a star for miles and miles to kneel in awestruck worship.

And there was God.

And His name was called Jesus.

Bethlehem's Baby Boy

And even though baby Jesus slept- the world would never, ever, be the same again.

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