When Time Flies By and You Never Even Knew…

I don’t know how it happened. I really don’t.

Somehow, when I wasn’t looking, this first grandson of mine managed to turn five years old, swiffed his blonde hair to one side, and knocked on the doors of kindergarten.


Gone are the days of painting at grandma’s and singing songs at the library together. Gone are the alphabet rhymes and the sensory bags filled with birdseed and pasta. My boy is grown up.

I picked him up from after-school for the first time just yesterday. I was there when the doors swung open and he jumped down from the yellow school bus, laughing and jostling and chatting with his little kindergarten buddies. I watched him swing his back pack onto his shoulder, his laces all undone and his blonde hair blowing in the wind.

He didn’t see me for a few minutes as I glimpsed into his new world. But then, his eye caught mine… and there he was after all, my little grandson running, running, and squealing with joy.

Gandma!!! he squeals in delight.

(Yes, that’s right… I didn’t mis-spell that word. He still calls me Gandma  sometimes).

And I swing him high into the air, back-pack and all, and hug him close. All is not lost. This little boy still loves to see me, and he’s not embarrassed to show it… yet.

This is my Gandma Glenys, he announces loudly and proudly to all his friends, and hugs me tight around the legs as if I might escape. But where would I go… if not with him?

I tuck him into bed that night, and I tell him:

I love you to the moon and back.

He thinks for a minute, before he responds: I love you to… (a little pause here) the mountains and back.

How did he fill my heart like that? I kiss that little blonde head as he snuggles under the covers and closes his eyes.

And I think to myself, seize this time Gandma. Hold on to it like it’s the last thing you’ll ever have, because that gorgeous autumn tree, that one you took a photo of just the other day? It’s leaves are almost all gone. 

And if I could hold on to a season, I surely would… before the ground is covered with what was once so lovely.


12 thoughts on “When Time Flies By and You Never Even Knew…

  1. Jenn Miles

    Thank you for sharing! It brought a tear to my eyes as you put words to the very same feeling I have had with my own grandchildren. Every moment is so precious! They are truly a blessing from the Lord.

  2. Carol Ashcroft

    This brings tears to my eyes, Glenys! As I look at our 2 grandkids that live close to us….babies just yesterday that are now in 7th grade and 5th grade! My daughter is 22 and I still remember her first day of kindergarten. Memories can be so bittersweet, but I think they are God’s gentle reminders that it is all part of life–the ever changing ebb and flow. Sometimes it makes my heart hurt because, like you said, you just want to hold onto those moments and not let go…clenching with all your might!

    Thank you for your beautiful words…and for reminding us to enjoy our little ones because they grow up too fast!

  3. Joyce

    Hold tight to those precious moments. Our granddaughters are 12 and 16 and don’t know where the time has gone. We love the confident young women that they are becoming but miss those little handprints that decorated our sliding glass door.


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