Turn The Page…

Turn the page Mum, turn the page! my youngest son squeals.

He is sitting on my lap, his three older brothers squashed on either side, and we are pored over our all-time, favorite book. It is 1993 and we are reading the story of a Jolly Postman who rides his bike as he delivers letters to Nursery Rhyme characters.

With great anticipation, we turn the page to find a stamped envelope, addressed to:

The Three Bears, Cottage in the Woods.

My son’s little hands reach out and eagerly unfold an apology letter, from Goldilocks. We read it, and laugh, and thoroughly enthralled, we keep turning those pages.

Twenty years later, this wonderful little book would inspire me to write Love Letters from God, 18 Bible stories for children, each one followed by its own lift-the-flap letter, addressed to your child, from God.

It is my prayer that many little hands will unfold these letters. And as they do so, may God, who continues to turn the pages in all our lives, pour out his richest blessings on them.

I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring,
and my blessing on your descendants. Isaiah 44:3


4 thoughts on “Turn The Page…

  1. Pauline Smith

    I think it’s wonderful Glenys and can’t wait for our jolly postman to deliver my pre-ordered copy so I can share it with my grandchildren. God bless.


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