What Happened When the Angels Came for Iris

You just never know when or how this one beautiful life may end.

It was summer… a warm, lazy, ordinary day, when my husband called with the news. Would I like to go with him? One of our wonderful church members, a lady we all loved, was lying unexpectedly in a hospital bed. They would soon turn off life support.

Would I like to go with him? I wasn’t sure. I was afraid. But I said yes.

No one met Iris without falling in love with her. Unique, bubbly, funny, compassionate, thoughtful. A lady with a great sense of style, humor, and a heart full of love. She was special.


Iris lay quietly in the bed. We gathered around her and held hands as David prayed. I didn’t know what would happen next. So I sat next to her husband and held his hand…because what else could I do?

It was then that they drew the curtain back and came in. Two ladies – quiet, unassuming, carrying fold-up chairs and harps.

Would you like some comfort in here? They said.

Who doesn’t need comfort at a time like this?

And as the nurses quietly began their work, those ladies began to sing and play.

Peace around you; Peace upon you; Peace above you; Peace beneath you.

It’s hard to describe what happened next.

The whole room filled with the sweet sound of their music, and a peace that I have truly never felt before. And although we all watched as the monitor screen went blank, and although we all saw the soft rise and fall of her last breath, it was as if the song of the harpists summoned in the very angels of heaven, who flew down, lifted our sweet Iris gently in their arms, and winged her safely home. I could almost hear the beat of their silvery wings as they soared upwards with her soul.

And if I didn’t believe in heaven before that day, I would have to believe in it now.

Iris left this earth. Iris left us. But she lives, she laughs, she loves, somewhere else, somewhere where angels gather, waiting on hovering wings, waiting to take us home.

15 thoughts on “What Happened When the Angels Came for Iris

  1. Dorothy Smith

    I know of several similar instances (my sister, my granddaughter’s cousin and others – thinking of these time helps when it is hard to keep your faith alive. Glad you had this experience.

  2. David Nellist

    It certainly felt like the angels came down to take Iris to heaven, and the Harpists created a special moment for that to happen! She is at peace!

  3. Sandra VandenBrink

    this is so sweet and precious! I’ve been a Hospice chaplain and I know how profoundly beautiful those last moments can be. I’m so grateful for courageous souls who are willing to walk with the dying on their journey home. So thankful for you and David and those angel harpists!

  4. Ken McCaw

    Glenys, in your heart and words the imagination and wonder of faith becomes real and believable. Thank you for this gift of hope and faith you have given Jim and all of us.

  5. EVIE Brus

    I know the Angels came for Iris and now she is completely healed and enjoying all of Heaven,s Blessings! She was so loved by so many and was the Best neighbor anyone could have.


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