What happens when God shows up at a book signing…

boy & fishOn a beautiful fall morning, my husband and I set out on a new adventure. We thought we knew where we were going, but we didn’t really know where God would take us that day.

We were on route to a little village just sixty miles away, home to the first church we pastored in the USA. As we traveled, ten full boxes of Love Letters from God rode with us, while the wonderful people of that little church busied themselves in the kitchen, preparing for our arrival.

I was on my way to my very first book signing event. I was nervous, but excited too.

I think you’ll sell all those books today, my husband said.

I doubt it, I replied. But if I sell 100, I’ll be happy.

Six hours later, after 95 hugs from friends, 175 books sold, and 40 more ordered, I rode home with one empty trunk, and one full heart. We did not even have ten empty boxes to recycle. They were needed by those who had staggered out, carrying more books than their arms could hold.

And why am I surprised? Why did I doubt? Why would I be shocked by what happened if I truly believe that God can do immeasurably more than all I could ask or possibly imagine?



If there is no limit to what the Master of Multiplication can do with five loaves and two fish, then there is no limit to what He can do with ten boxes of books. What God can do with a basket of bread, He can do with a box of books.

Because each one of those books is like a seed; each one planted just where God wants it to be.

And I believe that each and every one will be planted in good soil…

For the ones wrapped as gifts, to be opened on Christmas morning; for the ones bought in faith for grandchildren not even conceived or named; for the ones bought in hope for sons who do not yet know God-  I am believing for good soil.

And as I ride home that evening I know that real wealth is not in the number of books sold, but in the number of seeds sown.

And like the loaves and fish in the hands of the Master Multiplier, one small seed in the hands of the Master Gardener can take root and grow immeasurably- in a way none of us could possibly imagine.

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