What I wished I had known When I was Little…

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a farmer’s wife. I wanted to emulate the lady in the apron who came swinging cheerfully through the kitchen doors carrying a steaming hot platter of roast ham and new potatoes for the kids whose adventures I loved to read about in the Famous Five.

The Farmer’s Wife was always happy. She was everyone’s favorite. You just had to love her. She was popular; she was treasured; she was special. And I wanted to be her.

But it didn’t take me long to realize that I couldn’t cook. And all farmers’ wives can cook. I couldn’t grow vegetables either. And all farmers’ wives grow vegetables.

When I was a young teenager, I wore my skirts short and etched my eyes in deepest kohl. I wanted to be like my friend…the one who always had a boy holding her hand. The one who was chosen; the one who was beautiful; the one who was loved. I wanted to be chosen, and loved, and beautiful too.

But no amount of makeup could mask my pimples; no high heels could make me as tall as her; no expensive conditioner could make my hair as smooth.

And even though I was raised in a Christian home, the voice of the world was always louder than the Voice of the Word. I just couldn’t hear when God tried to whisper hope into my heart.

And even though I had a Bible, and knew all the exciting stories it contained, I somehow missed all the wonderful promises that were just waiting to be discovered within its pages.

And I wish, when I was that long-ago girl, I could have read a book like Love Letters from God. Because maybe if I had, I might have heard God whisper:

You will be my special treasure!

Treasure words

Maybe then I would have known that I do not have to be a good cook or grow vegetables to be popular or special or treasured in God’s eyes.

And if that book had been mine, I would surely have cherished every letter that bore my name, and claimed every promise when God told me:

I have chosen you!

I will hold your hand!

I have loved you with an everlasting love!

And maybe if I had truly believed those wonderful words, I would not have needed to strive to be beautiful in the eyes of the world. Because surely then I would have understood that I am chosen by One whose enormous love for me would last beyond all my time; whose strong hand would always hold on to mine; and in whose eyes I am beautiful indeed.

But it is never too late. And that is why I wrote the book—so God’s letters could be read, so God’s promises could be claimed, so God could gently whisper hope into our hearts.

Chosen words

8 thoughts on “What I wished I had known When I was Little…

  1. Anita Balgenorth

    So many young people feel as you did – it is so hard not to “fit in” – I hope and pray that many young people will read your precious book and know that they are special just as they are because God made them and loves them. Blessings, my dear friend and thank you for your message and your book.

  2. Sandra VandenBrink

    You get right to the heart of things, Glenys!!! So well written and insightful. Thanks so much.
    Btw, where can I buy your book?

    1. Glenys Post author

      Thank you for your encouraging words Sandra! I don’t have any books of my own here to sign & sell because the warehouse completely sold out! But they are available on Amazon & I am seeing a good price on the site I have linked. Let me know when you have ordered one & I will be happy to mail you a signed, personalized self-adhesive book plate that my publisher made to go inside the cover. (Free!) http://www.deepershopping.com/item/nellist-glenys/love-letters-from-god-bible-stories/6154487.html

  3. Debbie Prater

    I can identify. Self image was my biggest struggle when I was young, still is sometimes. The biggest culprit being sexual abuse. But how freeing it is to know, really know the love of God. How personal it is. How life changing. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. Anne Peterson

    Yes. I wish I would have known these truths when I was little. But being from an abusive home I got a much different message. One that I still carry so God can pour his healing balm on it.


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