Who Knows?

On a snowy afternoon in a little Michigan town, a blue-eyed three-year old with wavy hair opened an early Valentine’s day gift from his grandma.


She took photos of him as he snuggled with his mom to read his new book.

He lifted the flap to read his love letter from God, and his little face just lit up when he saw his own name written inside. IMG_20160122_174607And who knows how God is at work in young hearts and minds as they open those books, and read their letters, and hear God call their very own name?

Who knew that when God called the name of Moses from within the flames of a burning bush, an entire nation would be rescued?

Who knew that when God called the name of Samuel in the quietness of the temple, that little boy would grow up to anoint kings?

Who knew that when God called the name of Mary in the stillness of a Jerusalem morning, when all hope was gone, hope would be restored to the world?

Who knows when God calls the name of Austin through the letters of a little book, what that young boy will do?

Who knows?

Visit the link below to read 50 ways for your family to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and enter the giveaway to win your own copy of the little book that Austin holds.

Valentines Traditions & Little Love Letters from God!

8 thoughts on “Who Knows?

  1. Kittye Harman

    I need this book! My grandchildren are at an age whereby they will listen when read to. We only have a short while to teach them about God before life’s challenges begin. I’d enjoy planting a few more seeds as they begin their walk. Lord bless your home.

  2. Diane Grimm

    I love the unique way you retold the Bible stories & especially the letters at the end of each story.
    The illustrations are also very beauriful!
    Looking forward to getting Snuggle time prayers.

  3. Kelly @RaisingSamuels

    What a handsome little guy, and such a great name! (I have a nephew whose name is Austin!) Thank you for writing such an inspiring book for children. My sons and I very much enjoy reading it! Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂


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