How Did You Welcome in the New Year?

It’s not every day that you get to share in the blessing of your youngest son’s wedding at an elevation of 1073 feet in sight of two impressive, snow-capped volcanoes.

But on this first day of January, as the sun slips into the evening, this is how we welcome in the New Year….

Wedding blessing


Gareth & Sharon Wedding Blessing

It looks and feels like a scene from a Robin Hood movie.

We bundle up in hats and scarves as the freezing wind whips our faces. And gathering under a giant redwood tree, with ferns at our feet and sunlight dancing, the six of us hold hands and pray, while Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens stand strong in the distance, like two silent witnesses to the event.

On this clear, crisp day, standing on Council Crest in Southwest Portland, I can see for miles. I think about how small am I, and how big is God.

I think about family. And how precious is time. And how standing on the brink of this new year seems full of promise.

Up here I’m filled with hope for the future and a sense of warmth, and the knowledge that God is with us, riding the wings of the wind and using the mountains as footstools, smiling at two young people who hold hands under a tree and invite Him to be part of their marriage.

And I think how appropriate it is for a marriage blessing to take place under the protection and permanence of that big evergreen, who will faithfully retain her color no matter the season, no matter what comes.

How she spread her branches over my son and his bride, reminding them to hold on to each other.

No matter what comes, to hold on to love.

To hold on to God.

Gareth & Sharon with mountain

8 thoughts on “How Did You Welcome in the New Year?

  1. Pauline Smith

    Very touching Glenys and what wonderful memories of your son’s special day. “And Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart”

  2. Sheila Kimball

    Lovely post, Glenys. And what a great way to start the year. Congrats to you and your son, his bride and the new family just made. We love the outdoors and this seems such a perfect setting for a marriage — created by God and in His Creation. Hugs!


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